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690 Enduro (19+) - Rottweiler Intake / Stock Exhaust (Power Map + Ignition Advance)


Product Description


Want this map for free? If you have purchased a Powercommander V from Rottweiler Performance at any time in the past, all of our maps are accessible for free. Simply send us proof of purchase (Name and order number, scanned receipt) to this email address and we will respond with a coupon code that will discount the map to $0.00. You will still be required to complete the 'purchase process'. If you can't wait for the email coupon code, purchase the map, then send us proof of purchase and we will credit you back if you qualify!

Take advantage of any 2 PCV maps and switch between maps 'on the fly' with the Dynojet Map Switch. Click here. This means you can have a map for 'economy' and a map for 'power', and switch between them while you are riding.


  • This PCV map was made by Rottweiler Performance at our in house dyno and shooting for a broad power output with a stock intake and exhaust at roughly 13.2 AFR.
  • Ignition advance is left as the PCV is pre-programmed and shipped from the Dynojet factory with a safe level of 2-4 degrees advance.
  • This map is designed to be run with the stock O2 unplugged and a Rottweiler Performance Fueling Dongle installed in it's place. (Free with Powercommanders from Rottweiler Performance)
  • You may opt for this map free with a purchase of a Powercommander V from Rottweiler Performance, or you can purchase this map separately if you obtained your PCV somewhere else. 
  • Will work with Dynojet PCV part numbers 23-015 (Husky 701) and 18-030 (2019+ KTM 690)



It is your responsibility to determine whether these files are safe or not to use. You must have a reasonable understanding about how map files work to use the maps given here.


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No warranty expressed or given. Use at your own risk.

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