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Antigravity Small Case 16 Cell Battery AG1601

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Product Description

This item is considered hazardous material. Orders containing this product will ship ground only. This product cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or Territories outside the United States or any International destination. If an order from any of these listed places arrives we will have to cancel this item and it will be refunded.


The Antigravity Batteries AG1601 is getting into the massive power arena with 480 Cranking Amps. It is the smallest 16-Cell lithium battery made at only  4.5" Length x 3.25" Depth and 5.25" hieght (to the top of the terminals) This is the go to battery if you need very higher power in a compact size. This battery can turn over many of the larger V-Twin motor  up to 113 cubic inches. This battery is often chosen for Custom V-Twins where small size is needed or Adventure bikes that need more power and capacity.

Note: Antigravity Batteries come with cushioned stick back shims to compensate for slight changes in dimensional size and may take a slight amount of adjustment to fit. In our experience we have not had much trouble in this area at all. This model will fit right into a Super Duke 1290R easily as that battery is huge and heavy, wire just fine and will leave allot of room for other items like a Powercommander V, Auto Tune and so on. You will need to pad it to keep it in place as it is much smaller than the stock YT12BS-12. We have also wedged one of these into Adventure 990s and 1190s with some creativity and have had no problems, even with trips deep into Baja.

Stock vs Antigravity Comparisons

  • Weight: 3.2 lbs (1.45 kg)
  • 990/950/RC8 Yuasa YTZ10-12 = 8.6 lbs / 3.9 kg
  • Super Duke 1290 Yuasa YTX14-BS = 10.4 lbs / 4.7 kg
  • Size: 4.5 x 3.25 x 5.25 
  • 990/950/RC8 Yuasa YTZ10 = 6 x 3.437 x 4.375
  • Super Duke 1290 Yuasa YTX14-BS = 5.875 x 3.437 x 5.75
  • Cranking Amps: 480
  • 990/950/RC8 Yuasa YTZ10 = 230
  • Super Duke 1290 Yuasa YTX14-BS = 200


  • Decrease weight up to 7 lbs! (3.17 kg)
  • Ultra-Lightweight and Ultra High Power Lithium Nano-Phosphate Motorsport Battery
  • Most Compact of Lithium Motorsports Batteries
  • Can hold a charge up to a year provided there are no "Parasitic Drains" (accessories that draw power when the bike is off...such as alarms, ECUs, ipods, GPS , heated grips etc...) 
  • Built in the USA to high quality standards with unbreakable terminal design.
  • 3-Year Warranty----check manufactures website for details  (
  • Can be installed in any orientation
Best uses
  • Capable of every day use in bikes up to 1600cc
  • Large V-Twin motors up to 1600cc (96 Cubic inch)
  • Race use bikes up to 2000cc     (use may vary depending on modifications to motor and size of motor)
  • Race use in Cars up to 3500cc  (use may vary depending on modifications to motor and size of motor)
Technical Details
  • 480 Cranking Amps- (Cranking Amps are the power the battery has)
  • 16Ah (PB Eq) - (Amp Hours are the Capacity of a Battery)
 Dimensions and Weight
  • USA Size:  4.5" Length x 3.25" Depth x 5.25" Hieght      (Height is measured to the top of the terminal bolt heads) 
  • USA weight:     3.2 lbs
  • Metric size:  114mm Length  x 83mm  Depth x 133mm Height  (Height is measured to the top of the terminal bolt heads)    
  • Metric weight:  1.45 Kg

instructions-png.png Warranty Information


Warranty Information

Warranty fulfilled by Antigravity Batteries

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