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  • Cyclops Multi Function Turn Signals
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  • Cyclops Multi Function Turn Signals
  • Cyclops Multi Function Turn Signals

Cyclops Multi Function Turn Signals


Product Description


* These turn signals have recently been upgraded with stainless steel pinned joints between the rubber bendable base and PVC housing, making a much stronger joint, Much more crash proof. We also have added seals on the wires and increased sealing in the lens to increase water resistance. Longer wire leads are also a slight change from the gen 1 signals.

Cyclops is the undisputed leader in LED lighting technology in the Adventure market. From auxiliary lighting to replacement LED headlight bulbs you can always count on Cyclops Adventure Sports when it comes to your lighting needs. Their new Multi Function Turn Signals are a great example of what they can do for you and your ride. These ruggedly built LED turn signals not only handle the typical chore of signal functionality but they also increase your visibility by functioning as daytime running and additional brake lights. All signals come with Factory Connectors for ease of installation. 


  • Both Turn Signal and Brake Light Functionality
  • Front Turn Signals feature Bright White Running and Amber Turn Signal illumination
  • Rear Turn Signals feature Bright Red Brake and Amber Turn Signal illumination or Bright Red Running and Amber Turn Signal illumination
  • Sequential Blinker Functionality
  • Factory Connectors
  • Smaller than OEM Signals
  • Durable yet flexible stalk bends back 90 degrees or more

NOTE: On some models your turn signal dash indicator may not blink. It will illuminate letting your know your turn signals are in use but may not flash.




Product Reviews

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  1. Great Light! - not clean install on front for 2015 1290 R 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Jun 2020

    Slim, bright and cool looking "run" from the inside to the out, instead of a solid blink. Bought only the front pair for a 2015 1290 Superduke R. The bolts and nuts that come with this are of the standard type to attach to flat plate. The housing for the front lights on the 2015 are molded and have very unique extended nuts. The cover plate works specifically with these OEM parts and does not play well with the nuts provided in the kit. I ended up flipping the nut around so that it would sink into the recessed housing more and that worked well enough, but I had to rig it and it only fit 90% right. A smaller nut to fit the housing should fix this issue.

  2. Best $80.00 I've Spent on my 790 Duke! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2020

    Like the title says... this was the best $80.00 I've spent on my 2019 790 Duke. I have a lot of the shiny Power Parts I've added to the bike to make it flashier than stock but this mod takes off those ugly, long and bulbous DOT turn indicators and gives you back some much needed stealth, AND SAFETY. I got the front and rears together and the hardest part of the whole swap/installation was fining my 12V hot wire (when on high beams) on the headlight connector. The only tools I needed were an xacto blade to cut my wiring harness jacketing back to tap into the hot 12V wire an a 17mm combo wrench and a 14mm combo wrench. The safety factor on these is phenomenal. Not only do you get more forward visibility with the white running lights, but you also get rearward visibility when you hit the brakes and these light up. The amber turn indicator is cool in that it illuminates from inside to outside like Ford Mustang's do. Safety goes way up over the stock DOT indicators. They also are slightly rubberized in that they have some give to them in case you have any wide hipped friends who like to lean into your bike. Very thoughtful engineering there. I don't have any experience with the Yoshi indicators also sold on this website but these are half the price and very well engineered and made. 5 OF 5 Stars !

  3. dig, Dig, DIG! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jan 2020

    Awesome product and such a huge improvement from stock. Couldn’t be happier. For the KTM 790 Adv bikes, you are going to have to tap into your brake light wire and the front Aux power to enable the running light/extra brake light function. It is simple if you have wiring exp.

  4. Nice & Easy Install they look great on the 701 SM 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jan 2020

    Super happy with these lights and the features. Plug and play, dont waste your time with the cheap garbage knock offs.

  5. Best $40.00 I've spent in a while! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Nov 2019

    Bright, easy to install, and good looking. These are a no brainer if you are looking for a smaller sized LED signal. Highly recommended.

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