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  • This chart shows how power is increased at every throttle position and not just 100% throttle.
  • This graph shows the 790 LC8c borders between closed and open loop, and where the Powercommander V has ignition advance capabilities that come pre-loaded, but can always be set to zero if premium gasoline cannot be found.
  • This chart shows how Rottweiler Performance has changed the fueling curve to use less fuel, make more power, and run at the same temperatures.
  • Dynojet PowerCommander V for KTM 790 Adventure
  • Example of PCV kit
  • Optional Map Switch
  • Optional Auto Tune
  • Optional POD-300 Data Logger
  • Dynojet PowerCommander V for KTM 790 Adventure

Dynojet PowerCommander V for KTM 790 Adventure

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Product Description


NOTE: The unit being sold on this page is a Duke 790 part number which is identical in operation in every way and works perfectly on the Adventure model. The instructions contained in this model will be for the Duke, but there is no difference in procedure to what you would find for the Adventure. Dynojet has yet to release a part number for the Adventure, but the only differences are the map that comes loaded. Since we load our own, we can now offer this product for the Adventure models.  

Rottweiler Performance has led the way in big KTM tuning and continues to set benchmarks with the 790 line of parallel twins. We have run our shop bikes ragged testing over and over what works for these incredible machines and have developed accessory specific maps just for our customers and best of all, they are free when you purchase your Powercommander V from us and always will be for the life of the ownership. The 790 platform is a tricky one being that KTM switched to a Bosch fuel injection system, and through countless hours of testing we have developed maps to both work with and without emissions programming.

What are 'STREET MAPS'? Rottweiler Performance has developed special in house maps just for riders not wanting to tamper with emissions, but increase horsepower and fuel mileage substantially. What this means is that if you opt for an 'Open Loop' map to be installed from the options below, our custom in house developed map will only modify the portion of the map that can legally changed by emissions standards. There is still much more power to be had in these areas (See 'Open/Closed Loop' image), and also across the board thanks to ignition timing advances that work even within closed loop without adding fuel to areas prohibited by emissions laws and increasing fuel mileage as a bonus by making more power without having to add fuel. These maps would be for anyone wanting to ride their bikes on public roads and remain legal by emissions standards. 

What are 'RACE MAPS'? These maps are race only maps that cover the entire mapping range and will require you to unplug your stock narrow band O2s for them to work properly. This will show an engine light on your dash but that is harmless and does not effect the running of the motorcycle in regards to any 'limp' modes that get triggered on other non KTM models. There are separate lights for oil pressure and so on and the engine light is usually only for electrical items left unplugged. What we are doing is effectively disabling the ECU's ability to overwrite the fueling changes we have made inside of the closed loop section by removing the ECU's ability to do so by unplugging the stock O2s. This can be reversed at any time and the stock ECU will just overwrite the closed loop section and that's about it. Open loop will remain the same and the engine light will go back out. (See 'Open/Closed Loop' image)

For more information on how your mapping works on these models, see the videos tab on this page. 

Power Commander V (PCV) is by far the most comprehensive way to properly and easily tune the fuel delivery of your fuel injected motorcycle, and it goes well beyond just tuning alone.

When you purchase a Power Commander from Rottweiler performance, we will not only perform the initial set-up FREE of charge if asked, but you will also have access to any maps that we have created for your bike as long as you own your motorcycle!

“But I don't know anything about fuel injection tuning, is this a big learning curve?” Absolutely not. They are completely plug and play, but we can make them even better with some basic information from you with our 'Pre-Setup Program'. A service we provide free of charge! Just call us or leave us notes in your order to call and we will set it all up for you, 'PLUG AND PLAY', with a signed certificate right in the box. Furthermore, with some simple understanding you will quickly find that tuning with a Power Commander is far easier than old school jetting, and takes nothing more than a laptop, tablet or computer that runs Windows and connects with the included USB cable.

A Power Commander operates by adding or subtracting a percentage of fuel from your bike’s OEM fuel maps. If you wanted to add 10% fuel everywhere, you would simply input the number 10 in every cell for each cylinder. If you want 10% less, you would insert -10 in every cell. That's it! PCVs typically come pre-programmed with an optimized map for stock, but if you have some bolt on items and want something more, just select the from the list of modifications and we will install the best map we have for your bike’s configuration.

Aside from fueling control, you will be able to benefit from the extras outlined below: (If you don't want any of these, you don't have to do anything. They are only enabled when you learn how to turn them on.)

Advanced options are:

  • Accelerator pump features
  • Warm up fuel features
  • Maps per gear (POD-300 required to unlock this feature)
  • Auto Tuned maps per gear (Auto Tune required to unlock this feature)
  • POD-300 for data logging
  • For 'On the Go' adjustability with an Android device, see here.

In addition to giving you full and simple control over your bikes fueling, the PCV is also the key to the following accessories:

Dynojet Map Switch: A simple handlebar mounted switch that will allow a Power Commander to have two different maps loaded into it and allow you to toggle between them on-the-fly, while you ride! When used with an Auto Tune unit, it will turn Auto Tune on and off. (see HERE for more info)

Dynojet Auto Tune: Auto Tune adds the ability for you bike to “tune itself” while you ride! It’s basically like installing your own personal rolling dyno that is always searching for the perfect AFR (air-fuel-ratio). If this option is chosen, you will need to choose whether you are running an 'Open Loop' map only or have opted to unplug the stock O2s for full mapping. If you leave the stock O2s plugged in, and run Auto Tune for full mapping the two computers will just fight each other like a boxing match. The stock ECU, will constantly lean out, while Auto Tune will constantly try and richen the fuel mixture. (see HERE for more info on Auto Tune) This option requires modification of your header system in order to accept Auto Tune's 18mm Wide Band O2.

POD-300: When added, it can display any of the channels that are being tracked such as RPM, throttle position, injector duty, percentage of fuel alterations, ignition advance, air fuel ratios (requires Auto Tune) and more. The POD-300 will also allow changes to mapping in 1/3 adjustments. For example, if your rev limit is 10,000 RPM, you can adjust the fuel (+/-) in any percentage from 0-3300, 3300-6600, and 6600 to 10,000. The POD-300 also supports data logging as many channels as you choose and will then export to Excel for further inspection. (see HERE for more info)

The list goes on but don't be intimidated, this is a plug and play item that can be upgraded later as desired or as you learn more about the functions. Don't want to? Don't worry, this is as easy or as in depth as you want to make it. Think of a Power Commander like a Swiss Army Knife. You can use just the one tool, or you can use them all.

Product Videos

The Dynofiles Episode 3: 790 Exhaust Results And Mapping Progress 05:14

In this video, you will see how different exhaust configurations will affect the power delivery of your KTM 790 Duke. http://www.rottweilerperformance.com/exhaust-3/ There will be more videos for intake solutions soon so please subscribe to see them first! http://www.rottweilerperformance.com/790-duke/

  • The Dynofiles ...
    In this video, you will see how different exhaust configuratio...

Warranty Information

See http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/Default.aspx for warranty information.

Product Reviews

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  1. PC5 on a 2019 KTM 790 Adventure 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2020

    This is an absolute must have upgrade. It really, and I mean really wakes this bike up! I was expecting marginal gains, but the bike had great power gains throughout the whole throttle range. It pops with a Grrr in mid throttle to opened up big time.

    Install is something you will need to take your time with, and give patients to the tight fingering and plug releases. Tank needs to be pulled and the battery holder released to help with the right side plugs too. Plan your routing and zip tie everything back up away from the engine. You will not be disappointed with this upgrade. A quality product for sure. I’m not sold on the 2 pinch connectors, but time will tell on these.

  2. PC5 on a full stock European 790 Adv R 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Nov 2019

    I install PC5 on a full stock EU 790 Adv R with Race Map (O2 Sensors unplug) and the result is just amazing. Low and mid rev are now so smooth with a good increase of power and the feeling of a gap of power at mid rev has disappear. So that’s a huge improvement for a small investment. I can’t imagine how strong this motor will become with a decat and a better intake ! Thanks Rottweiler !!!

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