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Dynojet Powercommander V


Product Description

Rottweiler Performance is the largest seller of PCVs for KTM twin cylinders. We stock a full line of PCVs for all KTM big twins. 

Powercommander V is by far the most comprehensive way to properly and easily tune the fuel delivery of your fuel injected motorcycle as it goes well beyond just tuning alone. In addition to giving you full and simple control over your fueling requirements, the PCV is also the key to clutchless shifting, running power and economy maps that can be switched on the fly, 'Auto Tune' add ons that become your own personal rolling dyno, warm up fuel, accelerator pump features. The list goes on but don't be intimidated, this is a plug and play item that can be upgraded later as you learn more about the functions. Don't want to? Don't worry, this is as easy or as in depth as you want to make it. Rottweiler Performance will walk you through it all with our tutorial videos of each function one at a time. Note: Installation of maps is quite easy and Rottweiler Performance is constantly upgrading our map database for continued support of our products.

'But I don't know anything about fuel injection tuning, is this a big learning curve?'

Absolutely not. They are completely plug and play, but we can make them even better with some basic information from you with our 'Pre Set Program'. A service we provide free of charge. Just call us or leave us notes in your order to call and we will set it all up for you, 'plug and play', with a signed certificate right in the box. Furthermore, with some simple understanding you will quickly find that tuning with a Powercommander is far easier than old school jetting, and takes nothing more than a laptop, tablet or computer that runs Windows and the included USB cable. Think of a Powercommander as a Swiss Army Knife .You can use just the one tool, or you can unlock all kinds of benifits mentioned above.

At the core, a Powercommander unit allows you to alter your fueling in a very simple way. Look at the extra pictures attached to this product and blow up the one with the PCV software. This comes on a CD with all PCVs and is also downloadable here. What these numbers represent are the percentage of more or less fuel at a given throttle position and RPM. Unlike a jet, you have total control of how much or how little fuel you would like to add or subtract. The Powercommander simply reroutes the signals sent from the stock computer on the motorcycle to the physical fuel injector nozzle through its own brain and simply adds or subtracts a given amount in percentage set by the number input on the map. Hypothetically, if you were to leave all of these numbers at zero, the Powercommander would do nothing but pass the signals through unchanged. (there is no lag time as these signals are instant) If you wanted to add 10% fuel everywhere, you would simply input the number 10 in every cell for each cylinder. If you want 10% less, then just add a minus to it. That's it. PCVs come preprogrammed with an optimized map for stock for every model, but if you have some bolt on items and want something more custom, we also provide many maps on our 'Downloads' page free of charge that you can download into your PCV yourself. If you know the map that you would like and don't want to bother with the short learning curve, just go to our 'Downloads' page here, look for a map that closely matches your setup by reading the description, make sure it has 'PCV' in the number and tell us in the comments box upon checkout that you would like us to pre-load that map for you. This is a free service that we provide if you are purchasing the unit from us.

'So what other things can I get from a Powercommander?'

Aside from fueling control, you will be able to benefit from the extras outlined below: (If you don't want any of these, you don't have to do anything. They are only enabled when you learn how to turn them on.)

  • The ability to use any of the free maps we provide
  • The ability to have a custom tune done by a dyno facility
  • The option to add an 'Auto Tune' module for constantly optimized mapping no matter what changes you make to the motorcycle.
  • The option to add a quick shifter for full clutch-less and smooth upshifts. (Great for 2-up touring also!)
  • The option to add a dual map switch and run two 'switchable on the fly' maps in your PCV. Think 'Economy maps' to get there and 'Power Maps' for when you are there.

Advanced options are:

  • Accelerator pump features
  • Warm up fuel features
  • Maps per gear
  • Auto Tuned maps per gear
  • Option to add a POD-300 for data logging
  • Ignition timing (some models require an add on for this)

For 'on the go' adjustability with an Android device, see here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of July 2018, Dynojet has ceased to include O2 optimizers with Powercommander V's to comply with perceived domestic and international regulations. At Rottweiler Performance we know optimizers play an integral part in conjunction with a Powercomander V and will include a free set if chosen below. 

Product Videos

Dynojet Cable Routing 16:25

In this video installment we walk you through the full Dynojet suite of products on a KTM Adventure 1190 showing you exactly where to route the cables, install the O2 bungs and where to place the electronics. Rottweiler Performance is your #1 source for Dynojet Powercommander products and support.

  • Dynojet Cable ...
    In this video installment we walk you through the full Dynojet...
  • Installing a P...
    A brief video walking you through the install of a Dynojet pro...

Warranty Information

See http://www.powercommander.com/powercommander/Default.aspx for warranty information.

Product Reviews

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  1. Smooths out the madness of the 1190 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Jun 2018

    I put 35K miles on my 1190 before finally getting a PowerCommander, and I should have done it 34K miles ago. With the Rottweiler intake, intake stacks, emissions crap removed, Arrow pipes and Wings muffler, my bike was a bit choppy, with a serious flat spot between 1K and 5K RPM. In addition, the headers were boiling my thighs regularly in hot weather. With the PCV installed with one of Chris' maps, the bike is butter smooth and the headers seem cooler. In addition, there is power everywhere. It actually caught me off-guard a few times, as it pulls that much harder. Love it.

  2. Pricy, but worth it. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jun 2018

    My Baja 990 uses a Rot intake and Vince exhaust. This combo made for more flow, but she was running lean. I would get an occasional sputter, and choppy at low rpm. The Commander was set up by Rottweiler Performance for my needs, and it cleared all the lean issues. I now get smooth roll on, and no lean sputter. Awesome upgrade, and it can be tuned later if I decide to change mods. I would save my pennies and go this route again.

  3. 2016 Husky 701 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th May 2018

    The tuneability of these products is a dream come true. I've wanted to plug a laptop into a bike since I saw the World GP crowd doing it 30 years ago! I will say that my 4500ft elevation meant I needed to tweak the map leaner, but that was expected (and fun!) I have the PC5, AT-200 and POD-300 and the system just begs to be tweaked! Love it!

  4. Smooth power and no more stumbling 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Feb 2018

    Take your time with this installation, route the cables properly and listen to what Chris says in the installation video. 990 SuperDuke

  5. If you bought an intake, BUY THIS TOO! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Aug 2016

    This REALLY uncorked my 690! I first added the intake system and noticed great gains in performance. Next I added the PCV and got even more out of the bike. I've finished it off with an exhaust and now the bike flies. The maps the Rotweiller boys provide work flawlessly. If you have a 690, get the intake, PCV and exhaust from Rotweiller - the bike transforms into a completely new animal and you won't be disappointed! Low speed jerkiness is gone, power comes on earlier and much smoother, and pulls hard through the rev range. My bike is exactly how I want it now. Next project is their intake and PCV for my 1290!

  6. bike runs great now! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jun 2016

    Remapped with CPR intake on a 990 adventure. Low speed jerkiness is gone and more power. Used CPR tune download. Easy and straightforward install.

  7. You don't have to be an engineer to install 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Nov 2014

    Okay now I am going for it. Project #5 and I'm stepping up to the plate. Air Filter System, Exhaust, Dog House, Mirror, Snap Out and I wanted more. I am fully in on Rottweiler performance parts. I knew after the long search I had found a company designing products and incorporating products into their line which work together to provide the ass clinching power I was looking for. I thought for sure I would be bringing my bike to a shop to have this installed but after reviewing the video I was convinced I could do this myself. Rottweiler video took me through the entire process and when I had a question they were just a phone call away. Dam this is not even made by Rottweiler but they are all over it and knew exactly what combination of parts will make the most performance for the bike. It did take me a few hours I will not lie it does require getting into your bike but I just watched the video, read the instructions and yes made a phone call but dam I did it. This changed my bike. I installed the switch and Auto Tune at the same time, I highly recommend if you are going to take the time to tare down your bike to this point you go all the way and make the investment. From the moment I started my bike once I completed the work I could tell the difference. Perfect idol, throttle response is unbelievable and when I got it on the road any thought of "did I make the right investment" was gone with a twist of the throttle. Flat out performance. No hesitation out of the hole. Continuous even power though every gear. Hands down Rottweiler made something I thought I would have never undertaken and turned it into the finest moment I have had with my bike. Oh I almost forgot they have MAPS (performance and economy) these guys do not mess around.

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