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  • Use this as a guide for setting up your quick shifter. Go to 'Powercommander Tools / Features Enables And Inputs / Quick Shifter Configuration' for setup in the PCV software available from the 'Downloads' page and comes in a CD with the PCV.
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Dynojet Quick Shift Kits (Non Linkage Type Shifter)


Product Description

(This product requires a Powercommander V already installed or purchased with it. Click here and select your model if you do not already have one.)

The Dynojet Quick Shifter is the key component to full wide open clutchless up-shifts. By integrating with your existing Powercommander V unit, the quick shifter 'linear' type installs with a little creativity and simply plugs right into your PCV. With just a couple minutes of setup, (See our screenshot photos) you are now able to enact buttery smooth clutchless up shifts in mere split seconds at 100% throttle. 65 thousands of a second to be precise. And this is not only for racing, but also pure riding enjoyment as you can spend less time worrying about timing a shift and getting that 'head bump' from your passenger and more time on what you are doing. Whether it be sightseeing or track racing at blistering speeds, the Dynojet quick shifter is an easy and fun addition that almost feels like cheating.

How does it work? The Dynojet quick shifter easily integrates into the PCV unit with only two wires and once 'enabled' (See pics), will cut fuel delivery from your fuel injectors for around 65 milliseconds. The cut times are fully adjustable for your style and speed of shifting and basically 'free up' the transmission at the exact same time you are pulling on the shift cam for the next gear. This requires more of a 'pull through' type of shift rather than a 'flick' of the lever. This is why many racers reverse the shifting on their bikes so that they can 'stomp' the shifter to shift up, but when used in the normal pattern of 'up for up', still works extremely well. There is NO cutting or splicing of wires. 

Adjustments that can be made:

  • Shift kill times in milliseconds (Stock programmed is 65 and works very well)
  • Minimum RPM (This diables the quick shifter below a certain RPM as using this at RPMs lower than 3k can be a little jerky)
  • Shift Interval (This is the amount of milliseconds between quick shift 'trys'. This is in case you bump the shifter right after a shift.)
  • Kill Mode (Kill fuel, ignition, or both. Fuel is only available on the new 2014 KTMs and up unless you have an ignition module.)


  • Does this harm my transmission? Absolutely not. In many ways it can be smoother on your transmission as shifts are timed absolutely perfectly. With that said, you, the user, must take full responsibility for any changes you make to your motorcycle. We have personally used these for years with no issues whatsoever and similar units come stock on some exotic bikes.
  • This linear shifter kit is intended to be custom mounted by the purchaser. This means that you will need to creatively find the proper upper and lower mounting points according to the directions included. (See some of the pics above and the link to instructions below) The kit comes with a drill and miscellaneous hardware to help with installation.

Powercommander V (Necessary for Quick Shifter to work)

Downloadable Intructions CLick Here

Warranty Information

Warranty fulfilled by Dynojet Inc.

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