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  • Magura - KTM 790/890 Duke / Adventure HYMEC Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit
  • Hydraulic Slave Cylinder
  • Mineral Oil doesn't change viscosity like Brake Fluid
  • Lever notch will  leave you with a partially broken lever instead of no lever at all after a crash
  • Lever adjuster allows for plenty of lever adjustment
  • Magura - KTM 790/890 Duke / Adventure HYMEC Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit

Magura - KTM 790/890 Duke / Adventure HYMEC Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit


Product Description

Now that KTM is equipping the 790/890 Duke and Adventure with a cable clutch it's sending panic throughout the KTM world. KTMs have always been praised with the smoothest most consistent clutch action of any motorcycle manufacturer in the world. There was no need to adjust your clutch, no broken cables to deal with and lubing a cable wasn't part of the conversation around the campfire. Those days of old are back and you can thank the same manufacturer that has equipped KTMs for the past 20 years. 

Magura's HYMEC Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit comes with everything you need to get smooth, consistent clutch action. The kit comes complete with Master Cylinder, Clutch Line and Hydraulic Slave Cylinder pre-assembled and bled with Magura Blood Mineral Oil. All you have to do is remove your existing cable lever assembly and install this kit in reverse fashion. After measuring 4mm of free play at the slave cylinder you're ready to rock & roll! 


  • Smooth & Consistent Clutch Actuation 
  • Self Contained Unit
  • Simple to Install
  • Serviceable
  • Fully Adjustable Lever
  • A notch on the lever reduces the chances of a complete lever break upon impact


  • Despite the pictures shown above, there is a 10mm thread for the stock mirror. 
  • Comes complete with a plug and play clutch switch. No wiring necessary.
  • This unit will not work with a Rekluse Auto Clutch

Being a hydraulic clutch, I expected a lighter pull when I went out for a test ride, but what I was not ready for was how much more smoothly the bike shifted. The silkiness of its actuation was incredible, and I could not believe how much cleaner the bike went through the gears. Add that to the constant pressure point and not having to adjust or replace cables ever again makes this maintenance-free system a top modification. The included lever and perch are adjustable to fit different hand sizes and clutch actuation

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