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Welcome to our videos page! Here you can find all of our instructional, informational, and sometimes fun videos. Also note that these videos are attached to their respective products as well so make sure to click the videos tab when viewing a product to see more visual information about that part. 



2017 KTM Adventure Rider Rally Video

We were so lucky to be a part of this awesome video and this is one of the best that we have seen from KTM! If you have never been to a KTM rider rally, you are missing out. Come on out and see us if you go!


UPSHIFT Online Asks Chris To Show Off Rottweiler Performance's Project Adventure 1290 R

Chris does his best to struggle with the altitude while enumerating all of the parts we used on this project bike. 


Rottweiler 'Road To The Rally' Short Film

Come with us and see what it's like for a vendor to travel to the KTM Rally in South Dakota 2016.


Understanding KTM Emissions Systems 

Using a 2017 Super Adventure R we walk you through the entire emissions system so that you have a better understanding of how it all works. 


2017 Super Duke Exhaust Flap Delete Procedure With The KTM Tool

We show you how to use the KTM tool to get the ECU to ignore the exhaust flap valve.


Step by Step Installation of Quick Flip Mirror Mounts 

See how easy it is to install our popular Quick Flip Mirror Mounts. 


Step by Step Installation of The KTM 690 Enduro Rottweiler Intake System

In this detailed video we walk you through the entire 690 Enduro install step by step in perfect detail.


How To Remove a KTM Adventure 1190/1290 Fuel Tank By Rottweiler Performance  

We know staring at all of those pieces of plastic and bolts can leave some KTM Adventure 1190/1290 owners scratching their heads but fear not!, Rottweiler Performance is here to help in this short but very informative 'How To' video.



990 / 950 KTM 990 / 950 Rottweiler Intake System Install (Full)

In this detailed video we walk you through the entire install step by step in perfect detail.



'Fastest filter in the West!'

How fast can I change my pre filter with the Rottweiler Performance Snap Out Bracket? Well, watch for yourself.


'Step by step emissions removal on a 2014 KTM Super Duke'

While other models differ in SAS ands Canister locations, these directions can also be used for reference on all other big twin KTM models. The procedure and final outcome is the same.


'Explaining the SAS and Canister systems'

In this video we give a brief explanation of what exactly the SAS and Canister systems that come on KTM big twins do and what relation they have with your engine.


'Dynojet products cable routing on a 2014 Adventure R 1190'

If you are pulling the trigger on the full suite of Dynojet products, you'll want to watch this video. We walk you through the cable routing for every piece of the kit and where we cleanly stored them.


'Installing a Powercommander V on a 2014 KTM Adventure R 1190'

It's easy, and here is how easy it is. The PCV for the 1190 is a piece of cake to install and will give you full control over your fueling. Consider it jetting but with a computer but don't be afraid, we have videos walking you through it all. We have maps you can have for free right here and dropping those in is also a piece of cake. What allot of people don't know, is that the PCV will give you all kinds of extra cool gifts inside as well such as ignition contol, quick shifter capability, accelerator pump features for a quick snap of the throttle, Auto Tune features (It's like having a full time dyno guy for life, for a one time cost, that tunes for free no matter what you change or what altitude you go. And it's not grumpy and doesn't need coffee) and much more.


'How to use Tune ECU software'

Don't be intimidated, we are here to help. This free software for use with all 990's and the RC8 will allow you to freely drop maps into your stock ECU, see and erase trouble codes, test equipment and so on. Get a Tune ECU cable here and watch our video to see how it all works.


'Quick Flip Mirror Mount Overview'

We walk you through the differences in our Quick Flip mirror mounts answering any questions you may have.