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Powercommander 3 Files

Welcome to our PC3 files downloads page. In this place you will find PC3 files for your KTM motorcycle. This page is designed to allow users to freely download any map files that have either been generated by Rottweiler Performace or have been donated freely by our customers who spent the time and money to create the files at a profesional dyno facility. We have placed the files as downloadable from our Dropbox account so that if there are any updates or alterations we can do so with ease. We have also organized them in the form of 'products' so that we may arrange them in categorical order so that they may be easy to find and get rated by users. We also ask that you come back and rate the tunes with detailed desctriptions of your experience and with the information below filled out in the rating descriptions so that others may benifit from that as well.

We also ask that if you participate in this program that if you have files that you are willing to donate freely, please send them here with the full descriptions below:

  1. Your full name (We will add your initials into the tune title. If not desired, please give us a three letter reference)
  2. The tuner's information so that they may benifit from the business (Id so desired)
  3. Year, make and model
  4. Intake Mods
  5. Exhaust mods with or without stuffers
  6. SAS removed or not
  7. Any other engine mods relavent
  8. Altitude created at
  9. AFR target by tuner

How to read file part numbers: Example ADV-1190-2014-IN/EX-PC3-(ABC)

  • ADV= Model
  • 1190 = Engine size
  • 2014 = Year
  • IN/EX = Intake or exhaust or both
  • PC3= Type of file
  • (ABC)= Initials of map provider (If desired)

The map part numbers are designed to give you quick reference to the basics of the map. Further detailes will be listed in the descriptions both in the store and in the map file itself int the notes window.


It is your responsibility to determine whether these files are safe or not to use. You must have a reasonable understanding about how Powercommanders work to use the maps given here.