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  • Rekluse RadiusX Auto Clutch - KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290
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  • Rekluse RadiusX Auto Clutch - KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290
  • Rekluse RadiusX Auto Clutch - KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290
  • Rekluse RadiusX Auto Clutch - KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290

Rekluse RadiusX Auto Clutch - KTM 1050/1090/1190/1290


Product Description

The Rekluse EXP Auto Clutch is now here for the KTM Adventure 1050/1190, Super Adventure 1290, Super Duke 1290, and RC8!

No More Stalling

  • Using principles of centrifugal force, EXP technology automatically engages and disengages the clutch based on engine RPM. With EXP, riders can start and stop without touching the clutch lever. EXP automatic clutch technology provides riders precision throttle control, maximum traction and confidence to maneuver any obstacle on the track, trail, or road.

Less Arm Fatigue

  • You don’t have to clutch as often, which preserves your arm for longer rides.

Tunable to Fit Your Riding Style

  • Each auto clutch is optimized for each bike model as it comes from the factory. However, everybody rides differently, so we made sure EXP technology can be fine tuned. We offer different spring and wedge options so riders can further adjust their clutch’s performance. Some riders like the clutch to engage just above idle, while others like later engagement.

Clutch Lever Is Still Functional At All Times

  • It is possible to fully override the auto functionality at any time. You can pull the lever in, build RPMs, pop the clutch out and raise the front tire just like normal.

Have More Fun

  • You don’t have to worry about covering your clutch to prevent stalls all the time. You are free to relax and enjoy the ride, having one less thing to think about.

More Friction Disks = More Torque Capacity

  • TorqDrive technology features thin friction disks and protective basket sleeves. Developed over years of testing in professional racing, the thinner friction disks allow more disks to fit into the clutch, dramatically increasing performance and durability. Tuning options are expanded to maximize power transfer and reduce clutch lever pull effort. Riders feel improved acceleration, drive, and control.

Basket Sleeves Eliminate Notching

  • To protect and extend the life of the basket, TorqDrive includes steel lining sleeves to eliminate basket wear and notching.

Friction Pad Design Aids Oil Flow and Reduces Drag

  • The result is clean disengagement at the lever, improved modulation, and improved clutch control. TorqDrive disks utilize a steel core, while OEM disks use aluminum. When heated, steel expands less than half the amount of aluminum. This means clutch fade is virtually eliminated.

Friction Material Provides Superior Grip and Durability

  • Through years of research and testing, we have identified the best friction material for motorcycle applications considering functionality, grip and durability. This means our friction material can take more abuse than others before losing performance. We’ve seen up to 4 times the life compared to other clutches.

 More traction:

  • Core EXP™ delivers smooth and manageable power, providing high performance and traction control unique to the auto-clutch line.

Retains manual override:

  • You can override the clutch at any time just like a traditional clutch, never use the clutch again, or use both methods throughout the ride/race. With a clutch lever that feels and functions just like stock and engagement characteristics very similar to a manual clutch, you may not even realize this clutch is in your machine until it saves you from a time wasting stall or effortlessly powers you through that otherwise tiring section. Gold on an Adventure bike.

Superior durability:

  • Improved design reduces friction and heat build up by allowing more oil to be pushed through the clutch components. Updated wedge design also provides much better longevity than any previous design.

instructions-png.png Install Instructions

instructions-png.png User's Guide

Product Videos

Introducing the Rekluse® EXP™ 3.0 Auto-Clutch 02:22

Chef Joe serves up some fun with the Rekluse EXP auto-clutch, now with 3.0 Technology! Experience more fun than you ever thought possible with this bolt-on and go clutch product from Rekluse. We offer a full 30 day performance guarantee, so if you decide it's not your thing, we'll refund your full purchase price within 30 days (not available in all countries). Focus More on the Terrain Explore More Conquer More Have More Fun with Less Effort No More Stalling www.rekluse.com 866-735-5873 Film/Edit: Zach Forest Social Media http://www.facebook.com/rekluse http://instagram.com/rekluse_motorsports https://twitter.com/rekluseracing

  • Introducing th...
    Chef Joe serves up some fun with the Rekluse EXP auto-clutch, ...
  • Rekluse EXP 3....
    The Rekluse EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch is now out and available at Ro...

Product Reviews

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  1. Nice upgrade 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Oct 2016

    Installed the Rekluse EXP 3.0 Auto Clutch in my 2014 KTM 1190R Adventure bike.
    I was really impressed with everything about it. It performs and functions perfectly and as a little side benefit it makes the bike feel a little lower geared in the slow going tough stuff and really makes it easier to tackle.
    Years ago I had one of the original Rekluse clutches with the ball bearings in an EXC 525 and I liked it but it did take some adjusting to get it right but the new EXP's are a much more improved design.
    The instructions are easy to follow and nothing needs to be modified from stock like the original did in my 525.
    The adjustable slave cylinder is a GREAT addition and it allows you to not only adjust for wear but also with a couple of turns of the 4mm hex screw you can go back to a full manual clutch if needed.
    The clutch comes with 3 different, changeable, spring rates to adjust how soon you want it to engage off idle. It comes stock with the medium settings and after a couple thousand miles I changed mine to the harder setting because I wanted just a little more engagement RPM.
    This is easily done with quarter turn screws, (6). You can also mix and match two different spring rates on the main unit to custom match exactly how you want it to engage. Very nice.
    The clutch also comes with some extra quarter turn screws if you screw one up or lose one.
    On my unit the little quarter inch steel ball bearing that is supposed to be in the slave cylinder was missing. Not a big deal, a trip to the local ACE Hardware and I picked up a few for around .33 cents. Not worth bothering the company for in my opinion.
    The stock clutch pack is around $400 plus, in my opinion this was a better option and should last longer too with more surface area.
    I really cannot think of any negatives so far with several thousand miles of road and gnarly single track riding on it so far.
    I got a $100 rebate card back from Rekluse by talking to them at the KTM rally in Deadwood S.D. so that made the deal even sweeter.
    I purchased it from Chris and Mariel at Rottweiler. Cannot say enough good things about them and their company. The bend over backwards for us customers, always seem to have a smile and something nice to say, and do test everything they sell.
    After riding Chris` Rekluse clutched bike at the rally in Deadwood I had to have one.
    Highly recommend.

  2. Really nice surprise 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jul 2015

    So I didn't really think this mod was for me with a full street bike that will never see the dirt unless I bin it into a hedge. However in traffic and in stop start riding it's a blessing not to have to touch the clutch. The standing starts are amazing just nail the throttle and goooooooooo! I can ride much longer without fatigue and it really works well with the upgraded shifter and quickshifter also purchased from this site.

  3. Completely changed the game. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jul 2015

    I sure I am not alone in saying that I was skeptical at first, but this clutch completely changed the game. I don't off road much so I didn't think this would be of benefit but after riding a friends 1190 R with one of these I was hooked. You can just come to a stop in any gear. A godsend in traffic! It just lets you enjoy more and if you are worried about a change in how the clutch is used, don't be, because if you didn't know a bike had one, you would have a hard time knowing it was installed. That's how my buddy got me.

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