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  • Shown in Stealth Black (Option Below)
  • Endurocell 1.3 and 1 gallon sizes.
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  • Included hardware in all Endurocell kits. Quick removal ready with only the addition of the QR kit.
  • Quick fuel tank removal mount.
  • Optional quick removal dry break fuel line kit.
  • Optional fuel filter will keep dirt and small animals out of your fuel. Pops right in and out for easy cleaning.
  • Optional BRP billet cap adds a professional touch to your Endurocell.
  • Precision heli arc welding throughout.
  • Attention to detail at ever corner.
  • 1.3 gallon (longer range)
  • 1 gallon (compact size)

Rottweiler Endurocell Extended Range Fuel Tank Adv 950/990


Product Description

This item is temporarily unavailable until another batch can be fabricated. While our customers absolutely love this product, due to the discontinuation of the Adventure 990 sales have diminished over time and it is becoming hard to justify manufacturing them. I know, we are sad about it too as we are very proud of the design. 

Set your Adventure 950 / 990 free from its short leash. Introducing the 'Rottweiler Performance Endurocell' extended range fuel cell. Fitting perfectly in the exact same circular space the left hand muffler once occupied (see our single side out muffler options) guarantees that this fuel cell will not clash with your aftermarket pannier system. As an added bonus, the optional Quick Detach hardware kit will give your Endurocell the ability to be removed by hand in less than 10 seconds so its not hanging around when not needed or to help fill a buddy. 

NOTE: The Endurocell requires an SSO (Single Side Out) muffler system. This is a kit that converts your dual muffler system into a 'Y' pipe out the right hand side of the bike. If you do not already have one, see the options to add on below or see here. Rottweiler Performance fabricates hands down the absolute highest quality 'Y' pipe SSO systems available for the 950 / 990 KTM Adventure.

  • Add 35-50 miles to your ride within a 10 second attachment. (With Quick Disconnect Kit)
  • Two sizes available: 1 gallon (3.79L) or 1.3 gallon (4.92L)
  • Made in the U.S.A. and beautifully ARC welded by hand by skilled craftsman.
  • Easier than your stock fuel tank to fill. No tiny fuel caps in strange places.
  • Stainless hardware
  • Ties into your lower crossover fuel line with a check valve. No back flowing or messy fill ups.
  • Everything you need to easily complete the installation included. Nothing left out.
  • No removal of any main fuel tank. Just drop the skid pan, turn off the spigots on the stock tank and splice in the barbed 'T' fitting.

Build your own Endurocell! Listed below are your options with explanation.

  • Endurocell Capacity: Available in two sizes, 1 gallon (3.79L) or 1.3 gallon (4.92L). Choose between a smaller package, or a longer range.
  • Quick Disconnect: Add a Quick Disconnect hardware kit to your Endurocell. Remove it when it's not needed in under 10 seconds, use it to help fuel a buddy, or leave it disconnected as a 'reserve capacity' tank for emergencies only. A billet fuel line stow perfectly holds the dry break fuel line clean of any dirt or debris when not in use.
  • Fuel cap filter: Add a fuel filter at the cap to keep dirt or debris from entering the fuel tank. If you get dirty, you'll want this. Just pull it inside out and smack it around to clean it.
  • BRP Fuel Cap: Your Endurocell comes with a perfectly good cap, but a beautiful BRP billet fuel cap adds that nice final touch that looks trick.
  • Single Side Out Exhaust: Auxiliary fuel cells require the conversion to a single side out exhaust system. Rottweiler offers the finest range of SSO 'Y' pipes and mufflers. See here for more information.

Endurocell Installation Instructions

Product Reviews

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  1. Got a tank........ 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Aug 2018

    This went on exactly as the instructions said. Everything fine and fitting perfectly. I'm happy with it. It's nicely fabricated, too.


    Posted by on 28th Jul 2016

    Like other reviewers have stated, adds fifty miles of range to the package. Installation instructions were well thought out and made install a snap. Took me about 2 hours. Fit is perfect.

  3. Extended Range Finally 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Nov 2015

    Have had a 990 for just over a year, and was surprised at how quickly the low fuel light came on (166 Miles). The Endurocell adds 50 miles of range to my bike. Great product!


    Posted by on 7th Oct 2015

    2011 990 Adventure
    I picked up an1.3 gallon Endurocell at Rottweiler in Costa Mesa and then headed out to Washington D.C.; about 2600 + miles. Stopped in Utah and Colorado to do some off road riding on the way home. Here is my take.
    The fit and finish are first rate. Heavy gage aluminum and super clean welds. The design fits in nicely with the bike and is as well protected as the original exhaust in its location. Installation was quick and easy (provided you already have a two into one exhaust). The design fits securely into the previous attachment points for the old muffler. After some hard off road riding in Utah the tank was still securely fitted to the bike and had no rattles or looseness what-so-ever.
    I have the quick disconnect option and it is really a “must have” to get the most out of the Endurocell. Super easy on and off. Great for the pack rider effort. I also recommend the filter option. Filled the tank about seven times. When I got back to DC the filter was full of junk.
    I also got the BRP Billet Fuel Cap. Nice big gripping surface. Looks good for gripping with gloves when that East Coast ice and mud builds up on the cap. More reason for the filter too.
    All and all it’s likely the one best addition to make for any bike that putts a lot of miles under the skid pan. It’s a professional grade piece of equipment. You need this tank.

  5. One of a kind 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Oct 2015

    2012 990R
    The list of after market parts is just too much to bore you with. Lets just say my bike is well appointed with virtually everything you can get for our bikes.
    Last week I purchased the Single Side Out as well as the Endurocell. With fuel millage on these bikes being what it is I was frustrated with the constant gas station visits. With the Endrocell I was able to get over 200 miles on one fill up. Not to mention this fuel tank looks BAD ASS. I'm not an attention hog but literally every where I go someone is asking me about the tank. With out a doubt one of the best additions to my bike. HIGHLY recommended.

  6. Good tank 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2015

    Held up to 700 miles of enduro riding (AZBDR) in 4.5 days. Nothing broke loose or fell off. I am using the 1.3 gal quick release setup.

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6.00 LBS