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  • (From the customer that sent this dyno graph)
"Hi here is my dyno graph.

The blue figures are a previous rc8r on the same dyno with a full ackrapovic exhaust k&n air filter and power commander v 

The red figures are my results with no mods to the bike other than the Rottweiler intake.

These are amazing figures and the dyno guy cannot believe the results and how strong the bike pulls 

A very impressed customer from Ireland"

Thanks Paul

Rottweiler Intake System - RC8

$399.00 $379.00
(You save $20.00)

Product Description


This intake kit retains the RAM air system on the RC8 by sealing the lower airbox to the bottom of the fuel tank, effectively creating a larger plemumn and adding a much larger foam filter element.

Used and endorsed by Factory KTM HMC racing's Chris Fillmore, Ty Howard and many other RC8 profesional racers, the Rottweiler Intake System for the RC8 is absolutely unbeatable in terms of shear horsepower gains. On all models, you can also expect a 6 lb (3.6 kg) weight savings with the removal of the SAS and Evap canisters systems using our SAS Stage 1-3 systems. That's almost another horsepower in weight savings alone. The RC8 Intake System retains the use of the Ram Air stock system on the RC8.

Benefits of the Rottweiler Intake System:

  • The most cost effective horsepower gains on the market. About $30 to $40 (US) per HP vs $100 to $200 for an aftermarket exhaust.
  • Dramatically reduces the jerky 'on-off' throttle response of the big twin. Mountain roads and tight traffic become a joy again.
  • Full tri layer foam element on all sides of the filter including the top, not just one side, aiding in air velocity optimization and overall filter surface area.
  • The outer layers of foam provide optimum filtration and load-up capacity while the inner layer is made of special self-extinguishing filter foam. Together, they give the best combination for air flow, engine protection and safety. New V3.0 baseplate machined from billet 6061 T6 for ultra rigidity, pocketed for lightweight and then thermo-coated to reflect rising engine temperature.
  • No tools needed to change or remove the filter. Removed in seconds.
  • Weight reduction of 1.6kg (3.5lbs) just by replacing the stock airbox with the Rottweiler Intake.
  • Removal of the stock airbox frees up an enormous amount of space in the front of the filter than can be used for accessory storage like HID ballasts, ignition controllers and such that were previously difficult to package.
  • Serviceability of the throttle bodies becomes drastically less difficult to get to.
  • High quality lifetime Buna N 'X' rings seal off the throttle bodies in 4 places.
  • Adds a wicked sound that while docile at cruising speeds, barks with authority when cracked open.
  • All necessary hardware included.

 Suggestions upon installation:

  • It is advised but not mandatory to remove the emissions hardware when installing a Rottweiler Intake System. The part where the Secondary Air Injection (SAS or SAI) attaches to the stock air-box is removed with this installaton and if the installer wants to keep the SAS/SAI on the bike (rare), you will need to attach a small filter to the leftover hose. See our SAS Stage kits for block off kits.
  • Many of our customers that purchase the RC8 kit use them for racing at tracks that have different rules regarding 'Catch Cans'. These are devices on the motorcycle that are designed to catch any overflowing fluids that may come from the bike such as coolant or crankcase breathers 'burping' oil. For this reason, we have left the method of ventalating the crankcase up to the customer which can be very simple. Much like with the SAS system (mentioned above), the addition of this kit removes where the breather line enters the stock airbox. This is a good thing, as the RAM air effect of the stock air-box actually pressurizes the crankcase which is a bad thing. A zero to negative 5 lbs of mercury is best on a stock engine. Some RC8s have a good catch can in the rear of the tail that do a great job of this and all you need to do is run the other line out of that can to a safe spot if any oil residue mists out. Some of the RC8s do not have this and we recomend that the breather line from the rear valve cover be routed to an aftermarket catch can or again, somewhere safe if any unwanted oil comes out. The is typical when wheelies are performed.

Notes, suggestions and precautions:

The Rottweiler Intake Systems for the RC8 will need some sort of catch can fitted up to the crankcase breather from the rear cylinder head. All other models have the breather line routed inside. Since the RC8 produces much higher RPMs the crankcase tends to blow more oil on that model only. We have left this option up to the customer because many people track their RC8s and many tracks have different rules regarding catching liquids. Another option is to use a 1/2" K&N mini breather and route a long 1/2" ID hose up high.

These do not come pre oiled for shipping purposes. We reccomend No Toil Oiling kits for both our intake filters and pre filters.

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Tuning the Rottweiler Intake

  • Tuning the Rot...

Warranty Information

This product carries a 1 year warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship.

Product Reviews

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  1. The Beast 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Mar 2018

    I wish I could attest to this product on a stock bike. However, mine is anything and everything but stock. My RC8 is a fire breathing....nightmare... to put it simply. Not for the faint of heart. Maybe not even for those with a heart. After doing a monster over bore, porting, polishing and milling the heads, valve work, crank work, Gripone's S4 with inertia monitor, STM slipper clutch, Factory pros shift star kit, Healtechs quickshifter....a partridge in a pear tree...brakes, suspension etc....I needed the absolute best intake that money could buy, coupled with a sweet set of SAS block off plates/emissions removal kit.

    Rottweiler was the name the popped up over and over in my search. And the more I searched, the more I came to realize that this would be the intake that I would use. Because, quite frankly, I do not believe there is ANYTHING else out there that would feed my beast and not starve her out and burn her up.

    I am not, in the least bit, disappointed with Rottweiler and to top it off, Chris was great to deal with, my products were delivered super fast, and I received some free gear that I had no idea about until I opened up the box. Love the beer koozie guys, hell yes.

    So to wrap this up, if you have been on the fence about anything from these guys....or even if you have just recently discovered them and for a split second thought to yourself " that'd be cool " as you are browsing their site....just do yourself a favor and buy it. It just doesn't get any better...plain and simple.

    You can't outrun this one......

  2. brrraaaaapppppppp!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Oct 2017

    The guys shipped this from California to Toronto in 2 days flat, sadly CBSA held it for 2 weeks. I did the intake, SAS, O2 and tuneEcu and previously did a slip on. Anyone with an RC8. ANYONE! You have to get this intake setup.

    Throttle response is immensely different, my bike feels supercharged now. There's no gap in throttle response, no lag and my bike feels like the visual weapon she is.

    This is the 100% best HP/TQ bang for your buck you can do to your motorcycle and you don't need a Dyno to prove it.

  3. Bike's a Ripper Now 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th Jun 2017

    Had this bike for years and wish I did this when I first got it. Totally transformed the bike into what it should have been. Powercommander was a good addition to get it finally fueled properly.

  4. intake system 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Feb 2015

    The product was shipped fast and arrived with everything I needed to install and complete directions. The installation was vary easy and I noticed gains instantly. Gives the bike a little deeper tone also when getting on it. Vary happy with the product.

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