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  • 100% Throttle Gains / RACE MAP w IGN ADVANCE
  • 80% Throttle Gains / RACE MAP w IGN ADVANCE
  • 60% Throttle Gains / RACE MAP w IGN ADVANCE
  • 40% Throttle Gains / RACE MAP w IGN ADVANCE
  • 20% Throttle Gains / RACE MAP w IGN ADVANCE

890 Adventure / Stock Intake / Decat Exhaust


Product Description

Want this map for free? If you have purchased a Powercommander V from Rottweiler Performance at any time in the past, all of our maps are accessible for free. Simply send us proof of purchase (Name and order number, scanned receipt) to this email address and we will respond with a coupon code that will discount the map to $0.00. You will still be required to complete the 'purchase process'. If you can't wait for the email coupon code, purchase the map, then send us proof of purchase and we will credit you back if you qualify!

Take advantage of any 2 PCV maps: Switch between maps 'on the fly' with the Dynojet Map Switch. Click here. This means you can have a map for 'economy' and a map for 'power', and switch between them while you are riding.

What you will receive: With this download you will receive 4 maps in total based on the configurations below. The combinations of these maps will be RACE and STREET - NO ignition trims and MODERATE ignition trims. See below for more. 

About this map: This map was made at Rottweiler Performance for the use of a stock intake system, Arrow decat mid-pipe and an Arrow open muffler but any open muffler will be very close. Ignition advance maps are moderate with the 890 as we found that unlike the 790 engine, advanced ignition did not yield further gains so for this engine it is not useful or necessary beyond what is included in the maps with ignition advance. Ignition advance does add substantial power on the 890 Adventure, so if you are concerned about detonation if low octane fuel is only available at a gas stop, try adding a map switch so you can toggle from the ignition advanced map to another map with no ignition advances. See images for power gains at different throttle ranges for the RACE map with ignition advance. 

Configuration for these maps:

  • Stock Intake System
  • Decat exhaust system
  • Any muffler

What's the difference between STREET and RACE maps?

  • STREET does not interfere with emissions based mapping and only has fueling changes in the open loop section of your fuel map where the stock ECU will not try and override the changes. This serves riders wanting to stay in compliance with emissions standards and retain their cruise control while still benefitting from ignition advances throughout and fueling corrections in open loop. Plug and play installation is all that is required for STREET maps. 
  • RACE map is designed for closed course racing purposes so that the user can have full control over the entire map range. The use of maps designated as 'RACE MAPS' require the stock narrow band O2s to simply be unplugged so that the stock ECU will not be able to read them and override the map and correct the trims back to an emissions based 14.7 air fuel ratio in the closed loop section (see attached chart in the pics above). Unplugging the stock narrow band O2s will only cause cruise control on the 790 Adventure to stop working and an engine light on the dash will appear. Engine lights typically only warn of blinkers not working or emissions systems unplugged. You will still get important warnings on the dashboard in bold letters. This can be easily reversed if the stock narrow band O2s are plugged back in and a STREET designated map is loaded into the PCV. 


It is your responsibility to determine whether these files are safe or not to use. You must have a reasonable understanding about how map files work to use the maps given here.

Warranty Information

No warranty expressed or given. Use at your own risk.

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