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About Us


Rottweiler Performance is a large Southern California based KTM and Husqvarna focused parts fulfillment center, as well as a design and manufacturing facility. Our primary mission is creating useful products for consumers looking to customize their motorcycles beyond what the factory engineers have set for their target audience which can be very limited in scope and vision for a rider’s specific needs. Whether it be adventure, street, dual-sport or road racing, our mission statement and namesake is simple to understand; ‘Unleash the Beast’. Our rich history in highly competitive motorsports uniquely positions us to draw from varying disciplines of engineering experience in order to reach our creative goals in the creation of our bespoke products.  





My motorsports background stems back to 1993 when a custom fabricator named Phil Moore took me under his wing and gave me a chance to prove myself as a precision welder. At the time, I was self-taught and had purchased my own fabrication equipment using my meager earnings from a local grocery store. Some of that equipment I still have today. Phil remained one of my best friends and mentors and was solely responsible for introducing me to the beautiful lands of Baja Mexico. It was there that I would later meet my beautiful wife Mariel, who’s in charge of the day-to-day operations of the shop and is the glue that holds Rottweiler Performance together.

When my skills started to show promise, I took a job working for multi-time rally champion Rod Millen, a world-famous New Zealand rally driver and Mickey Thompson champion, who created 'Rod Millen Motorsports' - an ultra-high end vehicle design and fabrication facility. I became an integral part of the build team, responsible for the record holding Pike's Peak Unlimited race cars we produced. I will never forget how enamored I was with the engine in particular. A 2.1 liter 4 cylinder endurance motor built by Dan Gurney Inc. and Toyota Racing Development (TRD) that produced 1100 horsepower at sea level. It was then that I knew motorsports was in my blood. During my time at Rod Millen Motorsports, my skills were honed by wildly varying projects such as special military concept vehicles, autonomous drones, various racing programs, and even the design of virtual reality theme park rides.

Ready for new challenges, I accepted an offer to run a prominent off-road motorsports team based out of Southern California that primarily raced the SCORE desert series in Baja California, Mexico. I was to oversee the preparation and co-driving of the various cars including Class 10, a limited engine open wheel group and a Class 1, a similar class but unlimited engine. During my time there, we won the prestigious Nevada 2000 (1999), Baja 2000 (1999), Baja 1000 (2002) Baja 500 (2003) and a class championship in 2005.

I then started my own race shop called ‘CPR Fabrications’, designing and producing intake systems and exhausts for exotic cars, Singer Porsche, Trophy Trucks, and just about anything that burned fuel. I wasn’t feeling content helping other teams win, so I started my own Baja racing team competing in 450cc racing classes, garnering three top ten overall finishes and a wealth of experience prepping motorcycles to last throughout 1000+ miles of unbelievable punishment. Without question, my years spent racing in Baja and around the world taught me how to prepare a machine that would go the distance with minimal failure. I am very thankful for that and have put the knowledge I’ve gained into every aspect of what we do at Rottweiler Performance.

My focus has always been to ask the question, "How can we take these already well engineered machines and creatively manipulate them into what we, as a unique consumer with personalized needs would want from a motorcycle." We then take the answers we find and create new and bespoke products around those ideas. From the onset of Rottweiler Performance in 2011 our goals have always been geared towards finding that unique outlet to provide such parts and services that are either rare or nonexistent within the industry.



WILL ZENGLER - “My role at Rottweiler is much like an wild card. Sometimes I need to put on ten hats and other times, one. I am thankful to be in a position where I can help any of my customers or associates when they are in need. Outside of work I enjoy dirt bike and adventure riding which further helps me to bring knowledge and insight into the Adventure community.”


JESSICA DANIEL - “My role at Rottweiler Performance is to oversee our shipping and receiving operations with all product/merchandise fulfillment through our online store. The most fulfilling part of my job is to hold the ability to deliver happiness (products) to our customers within the moto industry on such a large scale worldwide. I love being a part of this sport and race competitively in women’s expert classes.”


MARSHALL STEWART - “My role at Rottweiler is a mix of everything. I am in charge of assembly, assist with manufacturing, and take care of any day-to-day items needed to keep Rottweiler the best in the industry. I’m happy to be in a position that requires hustle & creative ideas. I bring the same energy and creativity to my racing that I do to work every day. I believe these core attributes have also contributed to my passion for racing and competition in the 6, 10 and 24-hour ironman race competitions.”


BRAD DOOLITTLE - “Hello! I’ve lived in Orange County since 1987. I started working in the motorcycle industry back in 1999 with Harley Davidson and have worked with Two Brothers Racing prior to my start at Rottweiler Performance. I take care of shipping and receiving daily and also make sure our warehouse is always organized and stocked with parts for our customers. Get outside and ride!"


AURTHER MOLINA - “At Rottweiler Performance, my role consists of ensuring that I’m either building or manufacturing parts correctly. However, I make myself useful wherever I’m needed. I enjoy completing builds because it allows us to fulfill orders on time. I currently do not know how to ride a motorcycle, but I would like to one day.”


SCOTT MURPHY - “I joined the Rottweiler team in May of 2021 to spearhead the Content Creation role and the development of high-end photography, videography, digital ads, product marketing assets, & more.  I’ve enjoyed the transition of working in the motorsports industry full-time and the new challenges that have come with it. My first week was an exciting one documenting the Sonora Rally in Mexico, following Chris and the Rottweiler Performance Race Team every step of the way. It’s been great seeing the response to the new content and assets I’ve produced so far, both from our customers and the staff.”


TANNER ELLIOTT - “My role at Rottweiler is to help with all the technical questions that come in daily from our amazing customers! Need help with a product or install? I’m your guy. My riding focus is primarily Street/Supermoto but I enjoy off-road & adventure riding as my secondary discipline.”


MATT TOBER - “Hi! My role at Rottweiler is to oversee all merchandise making its way through the warehouse. I play a big role in keeping our inventory counts on track and assist with assembly when necessary. I also ride a Husqvarna 701 Supermoto that I spend entirely too much money on.”


KEVIN STROM - “My experience in the past has been as a CNC Programmer and Project Manager of Machining Development in the Aerospace industry. I’m excited to bring my knowledge and expertise to the off-road community and Rottweiler Performance. My role here is to assist with new product development and take charge of in-house manufacturing. My formal education has been an A.S. in Manufacturing Technology and certification in Fabrication. I am currently working to finish a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering.”