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Antigravity OEM Style Battery YTZ10-12

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Product Description

This item is considered hazardous material. Orders containing this product will ship ground only. This product cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or Territories outside the United States or any International destination. If an order from any of these listed places arrives we will have to cancel this item and it will be refunded.

For use in all 390/990/950/RC8/1050/1190/1290/690/701 KTM motorcycles, the Antigravity Lithium Battery has proven over and over to be trouble free and solid as a rock. If you are looking for a lithium battery to improve starting and for the cheapest way to lose big weight on your KTM then look no further. The Antigravity Battery is made in the USA with the highest quality components and delivers unparalleled performance start after start.

Note: This battery comes with cushioned sticky back shims to compensate for slight changes in dimensional size and may take a slight amount of adjustment to fit. In our experience, we have not had much trouble in this area at all.

What to expect:

  • 990/950/1190-1290 Adv/Rc8: This battery is closest in dimensional size to the Yuasa batteries that come in those bikes. You may need to use just a little shimming (included) to keep it from moving around.

Super Duke 1290:

  • Either this battery or the YT12BS-12 (same battery but different body size) will fit. The battery on this page fits perfectly width and lengthwise and drops right in like it was made to, but comes up about 2" short height wise and will need some foam shimming (Free Below). This extra space can be filled with a Dynojet Powercommander V and Ignition Module nicely as well as long as the battery is held down. Quite frankly it's so light that the connection cables alone are almost stiff enough to hold it in place. The YT12BS-12 battery fits width wise perfectly but is thinner and taller than this battery. The YT12BS-12 needs a little shimming on the back and a smaller amount on top than this battery.


  • Slightly shorter in height but the rubber band compensates perfectly. Side to side, front to back is identical so it fits in very well on this bike.

Stock vs Antigravity Comparisons:

  • Stock Yuasa Weight: 8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)
  • Antigravity Weight: 2.125 lbs (.964 kg) -6.5 lbs!
  • Stock Size: 6 x 3.437 x 4.375
  • Antigravity Size: 5.875 x 4.437 x 3.75
  • Stock Cranking Amps: 230
  • Antigravity Cranking Amps: 360


  • -6.5 lbs (2.94kg)
  • Ultra-Lightweight and Powerful Lithium Nano-Phosphate Motorsport Battery
  • Direct Replacement for the Lead/Acid YTZ10s model yet offers much better cranking amps and saving 6.5 pounds!
  • Can hold a charge up to a year provided there are no "Parasitic Drains" (accessories that draw power when the bike is off...such as alarms, ECUs, iPods, GPS, heated grips, etc...)
  • Built in the USA to high-quality standards with large brass heavy duty terminal design.
  • 3-Year Warranty (Check manufactures website for details @

Best uses:

  • Excellent of everyday use in bikes up to 1000cc (and RC8)
  • Excellent for direct replacement. of Lead/Acid YTZ10s batteries for smaller CC vehicles.
  • Excellent for Race vehicles up to 1300cc
  • Excellent for use in Race Cars of 2000cc

Technical Details:

  • 360 Cranking Amps- (Cranking Amps are the power the battery has)
  • 12Ah (Pb Eq) - (Amp Hours are the Capacity of a Battery)
  • Dimensions and Weight
  • USA size: 5-7/8" Length x 3/7/16"" Depth x 3.75" height (Height is measured to the top of the Battery)
  • USA weight: 2lbs 4oz.
  • Metric size: 150mm Length x 87mm Depth x 93mm (Height is measured to the top of the Battery)
  • Metric weight: 1 Kg

Known Stock Negative Terminal Locations:

  • 1050-1290 Adventure Series (Right)
  • 690/701 (Right)
  • 950/990 Adventure (Right)
  • Super Duke 1290 R/GT (Right)
  • Super Duke 990 (Right)

instructions-png.png Warranty Information

Warranty Information

Warranty fulfilled by Antigravity Batteries

Product Reviews

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  1. Much lighter 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th May 2019

    Battery is much lighter and if past experience with lithium batteries is a guide will provide increased performance. The one thing to note is the terminal posts are recessed and (at least on my 1190) the cables are not quite long enough to be positioned towards the front of the battery. I got it to work, but it took a little monkeying.

  2. big improvement 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Nov 2018

    This battery is about the same size as the original but much lighter. The old one felt like about 10 lbs. this one feels like 1 pound. The bike starts much faster as well. So a win on all accounts.

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