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Dynojet Auto Tune Dual Wide Band

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Product Description


Imagine that you could instruct your bike to constantly dyno itself while you were riding and that your fuel map would always be adjusting to the most optimal values in real time. That YOU decide!
Enter the Dynojet Auto Tune. When paired with a Powercommander V, the Auto Tune module will constantly sample the AFR's (Air Fuel Ratios) in your exhaust gasses via the included Bosche wide band O2's. It then takes these signals and compares them to a simple spreadsheet that you set up within the easy to use software. (See here for our free copy paste spreadsheets to make this so easy a monkey could do it) 
If you are not happy with your fuel map, it has 'holes' or lean spots robbing power, or even feels too rich, the Auto Tune can fix that within minutes of riding. 
Helpful information about Auto Tune:
Powering Auto Tune:
  • Auto Tune connects to any PCV with a single included CAN cable and requires only a ground and +12 volt switched connection to be made.
  • Our EZ power relay kit is helpful on any model and uses the existing accessory wires that come on all KTMs.
  • Older bikes with incandescent tail lights can be tapped into via the included 'Posi-tap' connectors.
  • Power Distribution Modules are perfect. If you already have one, great, use it! If not, see here. They are great for powering ANYTHING!
  • Intimate knowledge of wiring is not necessary and Rottweiler Performance can walk you through where to find switched power. We have you covered. 

How it will work with your stock exhaust:

  • Auto Tune requires 18mm O2 bungs and comes included with a mild steel set. (For stainless or titanium 18mm O2 bungs, see here)
  • Adventure 1050-1290 models come with 12mm narrow band O2 bungs and will require the installation of 18mm bungs if you are retaining the stock header. If you are also purchasing an Arrow Racing Header from Rottweiler Performance, we have these specially made to work with either stock narrow band O2's, or 18mm Wide band O2's with included adapters. 
  • Super Duke 1290 models with an Akrapovic full exhaust will be plug and play as they come with 18mm wide band O2 bungs. If using the stock exhaust, 18mm bungs will need to be installed. 
  • 690/701 models will require 18mm bungs. 
  • All LC8 990 powered KTM's have 18mm bungs stock. 
  • 790 Duke has 18mm bungs. 
  • Setup is simple. When purchased with a Powercommander V whether it be in an intake kit or the two alone, Rottweiler Performance will custom setup all of your equipment so all you will need to do is install it and go. The kit will come with a certificate indicating how we set up your Dynojet kit, your name, serial number and certified that the kit is 'Plug and Play. If you have any questions, just call. Our knowledgeable staff can walk you through any questions you may have. We specialize in this stuff!
  • If you would like to set up Auto Tune yourself, it is quite simple, but the spreadsheets on this page here will help you immensely. 
  • Each throttle opening/rpm combination is individually adjustable, so that you can have both fuel economy during cruise, while maintaining peak output at larger throttle openings. For most models of bikes it is also possible to adjust the Air/Fuel ratios "per gear". This gives you total control of the fueling in every gear and throttle/rpm area if required. (POD-300 required)
Forum Myths:
  • FALSE - "You must apply the AT trims for them to work with your base map and Auto Tune doesn't work live". It is common to read on forums that Auto Tune does not live tune, and requires that you 'apply' the trims to allow them to become active. This is FALSE. Auto Tune's trims are always adjusting and are constantly in live use as long as Auto Tune in on and running. (See notes about AT switch below)
  • FALSE - "When the bike is shut off or the battery is disconnected, the trims disappear and need building again". Auto Tune stores all of the trims that it builds in it's memory and as long as AT is running and on, those trims are in use and dynamic. If using an Auto Tune switch, the trims that Auto Tune builds can be removed and they are simply frozen and stored in memory until the switch has been flipped back on. For instance, if you use Auto Tune at altitude, it will most likely pull out some fuel to make sure your AFR's are perfect, this is normal. If you were to switch Auto Tune OFF at altitude, and then turn it back on at sea level, the bike will run lean for just a few moments until Auto Tune can catch back up with the environment. It builds trims quite quickly though. 


Product Videos

Dynojet AutoTune Software Introduction 04:48

This video shows you how to properly enable and use the AutoTune function in the Power Commander V Software. For more inspiration and knowledge on maximizing your Power Sports experience, check out our blog: For more support related articles and videos, please visit our Help Center: Subscribe to our channel: Instagram: Facebook:

  • Dynojet AutoTu...
    This video shows you how to properly enable and use the AutoTu...

Product Reviews

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  1. Smart Add-on, works as adversised, Rott Support rocks 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Jul 2020

    I'm an olde school carb. guy who used to run to the local dyno with pockets full of needles and jets. (google it, I'll wait). Bought AutoTune for 2017 1290 SA-r. With excellent (and patient) support from the guys at Rottweiler Perf., this was an easy install and setup. I had different conditions in front cylinder than the rear. This cleaned that right up. Added the switch to flip between eco. and performance (nice for range). Excel geeks can make a spreadsheet that will show you the Autotune's activity over time. I can see (and feel) this thing perfecting the Rott. tune in my Power Commander V. Definitely recommend Rott. Performance and this gadget too. ps-Install note, take your time on the insert wiring connections. Mine did not want a straight push, but need a little angle, and there was some plastic flashing in the way. Be patient with the install then go enjoy.

  2. Great tuning aid. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Sep 2016

    Great for getting every drop of power from your bike while tuning for fuel economy and around town performance.

  3. Saved so much $$ in dyno time 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Apr 2015

    I am glad I took advice from Chris on day one to fit the AT300 in addition to the PCV. Each time I have changed a part in my engine/fuel/exhaust setup I have been able to change my tune without a visit to the dyno. It also lets me setup maps for max power, economy and hybrids of both which can be changed on the fly with a switch. Took the bike for a dyno session recently and the tech concluded there was nothing to do as the tune was good to go. Very happy with the AT300 and I use it all the time.

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