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GPS/RAM/POD Mount For BRP Vibration Isolating Damper Mounts


Product Description

Mounting a GPS, POD-300, RAM Mount or anything else that incorporates an 'AMPS Pattern' just got a whole lot easier for riders who already have a BRP Vibration Isolating Sub Mount.

BRP vibration isolation bar/damper mounts are quite popular for the off road enthusiast, and many of these riders need a quick and easy way to mount a GPS or any other instrument that uses an AMP bolt pattern, so we have designed this slick and inexpenesive little stainless bracket that uses the front two bolts of the BRP Vibration Isolation mount and has a 25 degree bend towards the rider to cleanly mount a device that uses the APM pattern. 

What is an AMPS Pattern? The AMPS hole pattern is an industry standard hole configuration for most small electronic devices. It consists of four (4) holes located in a rectangular pattern spaced at 1.188" by 1.5" (30mm by 38mm) and is found on most GPS devices, RAM products and many others. The Rottweiler AMPS Mount pattern consists of 8 holes in the AMPS pattern that allow for a horizontal or vertical orientation. Two more holes in the horizontal direction for RAM style two bolt patterns (AMPS pattern in a diagonal 2-hole configuration 1.912" - 18.5mm across) and four 6mm (1/4") vertical holes for any other item that can use them. See the video tab for a brief YouTube explanation from GPS City. 

Designed around the front two vibration isolation bolts of a BRP Vibration Isolating Sub Mount for KTM, this simple little stainless-steel bracket has a 25 degree bend up towards the rider and can be extremely useful for quickly mounting any number of items that utilize the AMPS pattern. Simply check the back of your device for a rectangular bolt pattern and use the measurements above to see if this device can work well for you. The 25 deg fold is 1" (25mm) below the lower holes so please make sure this will work with your unit's mounting plate or backing. 

NOTE: If you google this pattern, we have found many mistakes in measurements that pop up in the most popular links. Many of them say 1.188 x 1.813 or 30mm x 38mm. These are incorrect as 38mm is actuall 1.5" so please don't be thrown off by this if you are doing research. The correct hole pattern is 1.188 x 1.5 (30 x 38mm). 

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  1. Excellent Mount however doesn’t fit with BRP handguard mounts 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Aug 2020

    Excellent mount, great craftsmanship, however when using BRP hand guard mounts the computer won’t fit on the mount so it’s 1 or the other. I chose to keep the BRP handguard mounts and use the trailtech fat bar center mount.

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