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  • KTM 790/890 Adventure Single Caliper Brake Kit (Stage 2)
  • Brembo 15mm RCS Master Cylinder
  • Brembo M50 Brake Caliper
  • Brembo M50 Brake Caliper
  • Custom Master Cylinder Reservoir Kit

KTM 790/890 Adventure Single Caliper Brake Kit (Stage 2)


Product Description


For a select group of riders who know what they want from their 790/890 Adventure, twin calipers is just too much weight and unnecessarily strong stopping power for off road racing. For years Adventure riders have found ways to remove the right caliper on their own but at great expense of time invested to 'do it yourself'. Sourcing all of the parts, having custom lines made and so on. 

Easily convert your 790/890 Adventure into the ultimate off-road racing weapon with our Single Caliper Brake Kit. Scaling down to one front caliper will reduce un-sprung weight by more than 7 lbs (3.18kg), allowing your suspension to work much more efficiently and offers more confidence in off-road conditions where twin calipers are just too much braking power and subsequent weight.

Stage 2 kit: The exact same kit we run on our race bike. Stage 2 Kits not only upgrade your master cylinder but your caliper as well with the class leading M50 unit from Brembo. We spent countless hours testing and developing this kit to provide you the best of the best in offroad braking.

NOTE: The M50 Caliper does not come with brake pads so please choose your pad option below. 


  • Brembo 15mm RCS Radial Master Cylinder
  • Brembo M50 Caliper 
  • Brembo 15 ml Smoked Reservoir
  • Reservoir Mounting Bracket
  • Reservoir Fluid Hose
  • Spring Clamps
  • Custom Galfer Brake Lines
  • Banjo Bolt Crush Washers

Optional Add On's

  • Front Brake Rotors (Galfer or Braketech)
  • Brake Fluid (Motorex or Maxima)
  • Motion Pro Brake Bleeding Tool

HH Sintered Compound

Excellent feel and modulation, this sintered pad compound is built for off road and street use depending on the application. Great heat recovery and easy on the rotor, this is the most popular high-performance compound. Precision made in the Galfer factory in Spain.

  • Best Use

            For moderately aggressive riding on street or off road. Great for everyday sport street riding, canyons and aggressive or heavy braking. For off road applications, this compound is excellent in varying conditions, handling high heat and race use.

HH Sintered Compound Ceramic Backed

Excellent feel and modulation, this sintered pad compound is built for moderately aggressive every day and sport street use. Ceramic coated backing plate to assist with temperature management and help dissipate heat. Best heat recovery and easy on the rotor, this is a high-performance compound. Precision made in the Galfer factory in Spain.

  • Best Use

              Available for front applications only, pads do not fade and are intended for performance street, track days, canyon riding and novice racers.

HH Sintered Ceramic Race Compound with Ceramic Backing

Carbon Ceramic hybrid pad intended for race only. Same pads as our race teams use, designed to withstand extreme racing temperatures without losing feel. Race team tested and proven!

  • Best Use

              Race only. Not intended for anything but racers in need of the best performance pad available.

NOTE: If you're looking for a more budget minded kit then check out our Stage 1 kit.

The 790/890 Adventure Single Sided Brake Line Kit is designed for OFF ROAD RACING PURPOSES ONLY and is not intended or designed for use on public highways in any way, shape or form, with passengers or with heavy loads. It is strictly designed to reduce un-sprung weight so that the front suspension can react faster to the oncoming terrain during competition environments. ABS may no longer function as designed and the use of this system is assuming that the ABS system has been disabled.This modification, as with any modification may void your factory warranty.Altering the stock braking system as intended from the factory may result in serious injury or death. This system has ONLY been designed for racing environments where the user agrees without reserve to take full responsibility for the outcome of this alteration. Rottweiler Performance does not recommend the use of this system anywhere outside of full competition closed course off road racing and cannot guarantee results or performance of any kind.


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