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Neutrino Black Box 'Element+' Power Distribution Module


Product Description

The Neutrino 'Element+' is designed to be a more affordable type of power distribution module with less features than the 'Aurora', but still packing better functionality than most other modules available. 

Imagine that your heated grips automatically come on at 62 degrees....that your heated liner comes on at 58 degrees...that your heated seat comes on at 56 degrees..all with zero effort on your part. Imagine that as the temperature warms up each of these devices will automatically shut down at the temperature you set.

Imagine that your LED driving lights automatically come on half an hour before sunset...that your that your spot lights come on whenever you hit the high beams....that both can be dimmed to whatever level you want....that your driving lights are at 50% until sunset and then automatically go to full power at sunset...that the system automatically adjusts the sunset time for your current location and date....that rear running lights come on automatically whenever the bike is running, and that all this happens without your having to make any adjustments as you travel.

Imagine that you can use your bike’s battery to recharge your iPad and power a camp light and you don’t have to worry about running your battery down.

All this is possible by simply setting these features using the Cockpit Controller app on your iOS or Android device. If you’re on the road and you want to change any of these things, no problem. No PC required.

With your smart phone mounted on the handlebars NBB provides a wealth of information and works seamlessly with your other applications. The Cockpit Controller app provides real-time voltage with programmable alarms and automatic shutdown. It provides accurate and precise fault indications telling you exactly which circuit has a problem, automatically shutting that circuit down, and restoring service to that circuit once the fault is fixed with no fuses.

The app also provides heading information, altitude, ambient temperature, speed, and time. The app provides a composite view of the electrical system showing the status of all 6 circuits with real-time amperage use. And of course it’s easy to manually control the 6 circuits with a glove-friendly interface.

Of course the Cockpit Controller app can be run in the foreground or background. Imagine listening to music, getting turn by turn directions, and having completely automated control of your bike’s electrical accessories at all times.

See here for a complet library of Black Box 'How To' videos.

Web Bike World Review

iOS App Link

Android App Link

Features: (Linked to Videos)

Auto circuit control (Aurora only in light grey)

  • - Temp
  • - Temp plus
  • - Sunset
  • - Relay
  • - Speed
  • - Speed plus

Enhanced features

More details:

  • Fully configurable wherever you are. (No need for a PC)
  • Multiple distribution modules each maintain their own settings so you can move your phone from vehicle to vehicle while retaining all the settings for that vehicle
  • Free application software for both iOS and Android
  • Free application feature enhancements

Highly configurable:

  • Circuit names
  • Circuit breaker limits by circuit
  • PWM (variable control) or switched control by circuit
  • Settings memory by circuit
  • Voltage alarm
  • Ignition off behavior (auto shut down, timed shut down, voltage-dependent shut down) by circuit
  • Auto circuit activation (temperature, sunset)
  • Relay circuit activation (using existing or add on remote switch)
  • Units of measure

   Unparalleled range of data:

  Full integration with smart phone core functionality:

  • Maps
  • Phone
  • Music
  • Texting
  • Email

Optional add ons (Below):

  • USB 'Y' Cable (Adds another USB charging port that can be positioned in unique places)
  • 5" Heated Gear Extension (Uses the common heated female jack so heated gear can be powered straight from the Black Box)
  • Garage Module (Used to wire into your garage door opener to open your garage from your phone wirelessly)

Product Videos

Neutrino smart phone intro 00:47

This video gives you and overview of the Arboreal Systems Neutrino Bluetooth electrical distribution and control system.

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