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Pro Edition Full Intake System - 790/890 Adventure (ALL) - ORANGE


Product Description


Nearly a year of design and development has been poured into our new intake system and we could not be more proud to bring you the next-level quality, fit, and finish that this intake system exudes. The Rottweiler Performance 790/890 Adventure Intake System is a shining example of our commitment to being the best at what we do and our dedication to innovation for big KTMs exudes from every aspect of this next level system. 

For starters, we designed the 790/890 intake to act as one large velocity stack smoothly leading the intake charge right into your two OEM stacks. The result is a massive increase in unlocked horsepower and smooth delivery Rottweiler Performance has been known for. What are the gains? Hold on to your Powerparts seat, dyno testing on our bone stock 790 Adventure test bike simply installing the system with no additional mapping the gains over stock to the rear tire were over 10 horsepower at 6300 RPM, right where you ride the bike! (See additional pics for dyno charts) 

As usual, we didn't stop there with the improvements. The stock air box once again fails the white glove tests in spectacular fashion and is prone to multiple sealing issues leading to worn valves, valve seats, cylinder walls and eventually possible engine failure. World renown for their for quality craftsmanship and class leading filtration capabilities, we contracted none other than Twin Air Filters to construct the foam element for our new intake system, leveraging their stellar reputation as OEM standard on all of KTM's enduro series motorcycles. This means you are getting the best of both worlds: Rottweiler design mated with Twin Air's quality. An unbeatable package. 

As a bonus the filters are now packable using a standard removable filter cage design and with up to 6 spares fitting in the 790/890 Adventure's side pods, you'll never feel that your engine isn't being properly protected on those long off road adventures. Add one spare below or click here for more spare options. 

NOTE: Need more filters?

NOTE: Want a replacement Filter Cage?


  • Drop in 10+ HP at 6300 RPM safely with no mapping
  • Thick Robust Rotomolded Construction
  • Further gains with custom mapping (See below)
  • Race tested at professional level Rallies
  • 1.7 lb. (.77kg) weight reduction
  • Included Filter is supplied DRY
  • Temp sensor is strategically placed to be hidden and better protected from seat damage
  • Packable and replaceable main filter with removable cage just like a dirt bike. Carry 6 or more in your side pods or pack for long trips
  • Over 20 free maps to support a Power Commander V if chosen below

MAPPING INFORMATION For those of you who would like to know more about mapping the 790 and 890 engines, we have provided the information below to help you understand the options for that bike in terms of controlling the fuel. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We are happy to help!

Do I need to remap with a Power Commander for this intake system? Absolutely not. The gains mentioned above were completely stock and the factory ECU easily compensates the fuel using the stock narrow band O2's to keep your air fuel ratio at a safe 14.7. Hours of dyno testing, real world data logging and static load runs showed that the stock ECU safely, easily and quickly adjusts to any configuration with protective measures like ion knock sensors and other methods. You are completely safe to install this air box and enjoy the ride.

So I'm safe, but are there more gains with additional mapping using a Power Commander V? Absolutely, and we have been burning the midnight oil to bring you even more mapping to support your desired combinations than ever before. Simply choose the map that is closest to your final configuration and we will load the map(s) for you for free! For more information on the benefits of mapping please see our mapping options section below. 

What's the difference between STREET and RACE maps?

  • STREET map will allow the user to keep their stock narrow band O2 sensors plugged in and does not interfere with emissions based mapping and only has fueling changes in the open loop section of your fuel map where the stock ECU will not try and override the changes. This serves riders wanting to stay in compliance with emissions standards and retain their cruise control while still benefitting from ignition advances throughout and fueling corrections in open loop. 
  • RACE map is designed for closed course racing purposes so that the user can have full control over the entire map range. The use of maps designated as 'RACE MAPS' require the stock narrow band O2s to simply be unplugged so that the stock ECU will not be able to read them and override the map and correct the trims back to an emissions based 14.7 air fuel ratio in the closed loop section (see attached chart in the pics above). Unplugging the stock narrow band O2s will only cause cruise control on the 790 Adventure will stop working and an engine light on the dash will appear. Engine lights typically only warn of blinkers not working or emissions systems unplugged. You will still get important warnings on the dashboard in bold letters. This can be easily reversed if the stock narrow band O2s are plugged back in. 

What is the difference between MODERATE and ADVANCED maps?

  • Moderate ignition advances are just that. They are designed to be a bit of a bump in power without pushing the limits. What we have found is that KTM typically ships some street homologated bikes with very mild ignition curves. We assume that this is because they cannot predict what kind of fuels will be available to the customer in their given part of the world and the engines can easily take some more ignition advance and take advantage of some extra power.
  • Advanced ignition curves are created using standard U.S. 91 octane rated pump gas fuel, the close equivalent to 95 RON. The ignition advances in these maps have been taken as far as safely possible using sophisticated knock sensing equipment. These maps will usually yield even more hidden horsepower but it is recommended that the user only run a minimum 91 octane fuel (95 RON) or equivalent. These maps DO NOT require race gas. It is recommended to use these maps in conjunction with a Dynojet Map Switch and another map with the same configuration but milder ignition advances so that the user can dial back the advance with the flick of a switch in such a case that lower octane fuel is necessary or ends up in the fuel tank. It should also be known that the 790/890 Adventure models do have knock sensors in the coils, which in the case of accidental lower octane fuel the bike will handily adjust and protect itself. 

Product Videos

KTM 790/890 Rottweiler Performance Intake Installation 22:39

The KTM 790/890 Adventure Rottweiler Performance Intake System boosts horsepower and torque all while doing a much better job of filtering your air intake charge than the faulty stock airbox. Add in packable filter skins and you have a perfect trifecta. This is one or our easiest installs to date so follow this simple step by step installation video to help guide you through the process by the creator of this exciting new intake system. Click here so see what's available for the 790 and 890 Adventure series:

  • KTM 790/890 Ro...
    The KTM 790/890 Adventure Rottweiler Performance Intake System...

Product Reviews

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  1. The Hype is real the Dyno dont lie! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Mar 2021

    Bought it to wake up my sleeping KTM 790 Adventure R. Yes a huge improvement. The Orange Pro looks sexy too. Wow!! Very happy and even ordered the Power Commander Tuner to help Decat and and full intake and get the last few bolt on horsepower out of it. Intake alone is 10hp gain. With tuner and decat I should have a total of 15hp. All smiles. Christian and Will are awesome.

  2. Performance Plus 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Mar 2021

    No more dirt getting past poorly designed OEM filter and air box. Easy access to service foam filter. This system is a must on this bike, unless you enjoy early engine rebuilds. The mid range power seems stronger and more linear.

  3. I bought it for the improvement in horsepower 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jan 2021

    I didn't realize how much I'd appreciate carrying a spare filter in a baggie and keeping my intake clean. The performance improvement is amazing! The install was fairly straight forward and I'm not mechanically inclined.

  4. Unleash the beast! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Jan 2021

    I wanted the intake system to protect my engine. The stock intake leaks around the seal allowing too much dust to pass into the throttle body. Not only does this intake fix that issue, it adds a ton of performance to the bike! WIN WIN!

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