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  • Rotobox Boost Front Wheel.
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  • Rotobox Boost Front Wheel.
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  • Rotobox cutaway.

Rotobox 'Boost' Carbon Wheel - FRONT - Super Duke R/GT (-4lbs)


Product Description


ABOUT BOOST CARBON FIBER WHEELS: The Rotobox Carbon Fiber Wheels are ultra light motorcycle wheels for racing and road application and an upgrade product to any model of sportbike. Rotobox wheels have been designed to meet the highest level of racing performance and due to one-piece hollow carbon cast construction the wheels develop a safe and controlled advantage in speed, providing the lowest moment of inertia and the lowest gyroscopic effect.

The Rotobox wheels are the lightest and the strongest carbon fiber motorcycle wheels, due to use of premium materials and advanced technology. Their process of producing one-piece hollow carbon cast is an adaptation of high-pressure Resin Transfer Molding technology to ensure the best quality, the continuity of the procedure and subsequent safety of our products.

RACERS KNOW, WHAT RACERS NEED: How to make the lightest and strongest wheel on the world? That's the question motorcycling racer, research & development engineer and Rotobox CEO Gregor Bizjak asked himself more than a decade ago. The answer was a revolutionary 3 component-carbon-epoxy-steel-composite and a newly developed production procedure, which paved the way for a new generation of high performance motorcycle wheels by Rotobox.

THAT'S HOW ROTOBOX ROLLS: Since the very first day Rotobox strives to take the performance of carbon fiber wheels to a new level. By continuously pushing the boundaries of creative engineering their products set industry standards for lightness, stiffness, design and premium quality. Whether on the track or on the road - the racing DNA of the Rotobox team is not only reflected in their wheels, but can be felt with every meter driven. The feedback of costumers confirms, that they are turning the wheel the right way.

SAFETY FIRST: The wheels conform to safety standard JASO T203-85 for JWL dotE Certification. The construction of one-piece hollow carbon cast of the Rotobox wheel develop the safest and most controlled advantage in speed. Rotobox wheels are truly the first safe carbon wheels for motorbikes on the market.

BETTER RESPONSE: The Rotobox wheel gives great response, because of faster acceleration and better braking. This is a great advantage in turns allowing higher speed entering into the turn and faster accelerating after the turn. Rotobox wheels give your bike clever performance.

EMBRACE GREATER STIFFNESS: The Rotobox wheel has greater stiffness, because of the construction of one-piece hollow carbon cast. The wheel is produced with high-pressure RTM technology, which ensures a clean, smooth and hard surface.

SPEED IS THE GOAL: In seven years of intensive R&D work they have made the most powerful wheel for road and racing motorcycles. Rotobox is focused on sportbikes, because when the bike uses Rotobox wheels it becomes at least 5 kg (11 lb.) lighter than stock and that is a huge amount of unsprung mass shaved from the bike; it is basically like adding some HP to the engine.

WARRANTY: All Rotobox wheels come with a two-year, limited manufacturer's warranty.

TESTING LABORATORY: The Rotobox wheels correspond to the safety standard JASO T203-85 for JWL dotE, which requires testing at four different fatigues. Because safety is their top priority, they set up an in-house test laboratory to constantly check and improve the quality of Rotobox products:

  • Radial Fatigue Test: The test aims to confirm the durability of the rims and hubs. For this purpose a drum is rotating the wheel at a constant velocity of 32 km/h while applying the radial load (FW: 3400N / RW: 5600N at min. 500.000 turns).
  • Torsional Fatigue Test: The test aims to confirm the durability of the spokes and hubs. For this purpose the wheel is fixed onto the support, while the torsional moment (FW: 500Nm / RW: 810Nm at min. 100.000 turns) is repeatedly applied through the contact surface of the hub.
  • Impact Test: The test aims to confirm the air retain-ability of the tires and strength of the rims, spokes and hubs. For this purpose the striker weight (FW: 225kg / RW: 410kg) is dropped on the wheel from a height of 150 mm to apply the impact load.
  • Cornering Fatigue Test: The test aims to confirm the durability of rims and hubs. For this purpose the wheel is fixed to a rotary disc, that is able to provide a bending moment (FW: 2500Nm / RW: 410Nm at min. 100.000 turns) to the center of the wheel, while rotating with a constant velocity.


  • SIZE : 3.5" x 17"
  • WEIGHT : 5.2 lb. (2.36 kg)
  • Add .45 lb. (0.20 kg) with Worldwide Bearings ceramic bearings
  • Add .50 lb. (0.22 kg) with Worldwide Bearings steel bearings
  • STATIC LOAD RATING : 395 lb. (180 kg)
  • MATERIALS : Carbon fiber and aluminum
  • STYLE : Five straight, elliptical-spoke configuration
  • VALVE STEMS : 90° anodized aluminum (silver)
  • APPROVALS : JASO T203-85 / JWL dotE Certified
  • FITMENT : Direct OEM replacement
  • WARRANTY : 2 Years


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