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  • Part Numbers 2149 + 2174 / KTM 690 (12-16) Husky 701 (16+)
  • Part Numbers 2149 + 2155 / KTM 690 (08-11)
  • Part Number 2149 / KTM 690 (08-16) Husky (16+)
Mates With:
2174 - KTM 690 (12-16) / Husky 701 (16+)
2155 - KTM 690 (08-13)
  • Part Number 2155 / KTM 690 (08-11) 
Mates With:
2149 - KTM 690 (08-11)
  • Part Number 2174 / KTM 690 (12-16) 
Mates With:
2149 - KTM 690 (12-16)
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Scotts Performance Oil Filter Kit (Matched Pairs) - KTM 690/Husky 701


Product Description

Fits engines: KTM 690/Husky 701. 'Matched pairs' means that these engines takes two oil filters. One on the left case and one on the right. See choices below to determine what is available and to choose only one side or the other if desired. 

Superior Filtration:
This should be the last oil filter you will ever buy! Made from laser cut, medical grade, 304 stainless steel micronic filter cloth, this filter provides 200% more filter area in many cases. Most good paper filters will pass particles in the 90 to 95 micron range, and some tested, as much as 300 microns. Sand is about 125 microns and a white blood cell approximately 25 microns. Our stainless filter catches items down to 35 microns "absolute", which is about 3 times better than most good paper or brass filters. The pleat seam is welded, able to withstand up to 600 degrees in our filter, not glued, like paper filters.

Cleanable and reusable:
Simply remove the filter, rinse in clean solvent and replace it, you're done. The filter can be cleaned with solvent, kerosene, aerosol carburetor cleaner, or any other degreasing agent, even common dish soap. You can even blow air through the filter from the inside out to remove any small particles or cleaning agent from the screen if you so desire.

Consistent flow under all conditions:
Stainless steel will stand up to the stress of heat, high pressure and physical handling much better than paper or brass. This filter maintains consistent flow under all conditions including cold start ups and or under extreme heat. A one inch square of this micron filter material will flow 1.9 gallons of 90 weight oil per minute at only 1 psi pump pressure (70 degrees F). Our typical filter size is 30 sq. in. which equals the flow of 57 gallons per minute. Standard paper filters do not flow well when the oil is cold, often causing the bypass valve to open allowing unfiltered oil to enter your engine.

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  1. rottweiler is a five star retailer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Oct 2019

    everything I purchaced was way better than expected,,,perfomed excellent and my bike is a blast to ride because of Rottweiler performance!!!!!!!!! five star!!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much...

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