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Trail Tech Voyager Pro


Product Description


The next evolution of Trail Tech's most popular off road GPS, featuring patent pending Buddy Tracking, Bluetooth for phone and media connection, 4" color touchscreen, and full vehicle integration. Buddy Tracking connects multiple Voyager Pro devices to a private location tracking network. Once connected to the buddy group, you will see markers showing the name and location of all group members. No cell signal needed, the Buddy Tracking works using sub-gigahertz radio signals. The technology supports up to 20 riders in a single group. In order to enable the buddy tracking feature you must install the external vehicle to vehicle antenna. The mesh network capability increases the comfortable following distance between you and your buddies. The typical antenna range between buddies is .5 to 1.5 miles, increasing with line of sight and fewer obstructions.

Cluster Screen (See thumbnails)

  • Get speed from GPS or wheel sensor
  • Displays speed, temperature, distance, elevation, and voltage

Map Screen

  • Mini Menu navigation holds your tracks, waypoints, map layers, map options, and buddy tracking setup
  • Record tracks
  • GPX file import and export
  • Drop customized waypoints
  • Set waypoints as destination
  • Personalize map layer colors
  • Plan and record entire trail systems
  • Ride group visible on map
  • Up to 20 buddies per ride group
  • Long range (depending on terrain)
  • Emergency beacon flashes red on friend's screens
  • Personalize your buddy icon color and name
  • Upgrade buddy antenna for longer range
  • Cellular service not required

Media Screen

  • Bluetooth phone and headset interaction
  • Control songs that play on your phone
  • Change headset volume levels
  • Change music source
  • Access phone dialing, call history, and messaging features
  • Compatible with Sena headsets

Tachbar Screen

  • Tach screen is dominated by a large animated tachometer bar graph
  • Displays ambient temperature, trip distance, and current speed

Satellite Screen

  • Satellite screen displays a graph of the sky and visible GPS satellites in orbit
  • Graph to the side shows the relative signal strength of each satellite

User Screen

  • User screen is customizable
  • Choose up to 6 gauge readouts from a long list of options
  • Select fewer gauges to make the remaining readouts larger

Stopwatch screen

  • Tap large circle to begin counting, tap it again to take note of the first lap off to the side and start timing a new lap

Settings Menu

  • Where the Voyager Pro is customized to your needs
  • Can access the settings menu from the main screens by pressing the menu button

NOTES: The Trail Tech Voyager Pro is offered in three kits. One for Adventure bikes, one for 690/701 bikes and the other for Enduro/Off-road based bikes. The Enduro/Off-road kit has added accessories for speed and running temperature, whereas the Adventure bike kit comes with a RAM mount. 

All kits come with:

  • Voyager Pro head unit
  • Handlebar Mount
  • Buddy Tracking Antenna
  • Ignition Sensor
  • Power Lead
  • Dock

Adventure Kit (922-123) Adds:

  • RAM Ball Mount

Enduro/Off-Road kit (922-129) Adds:

  • 10mm Fin Sensor for Temperature
  • Wheel Sensor Kit

Also Available: Voyager Pro Billet Protector is available for both the Adventure and Enduro versions

instructions-png.png Interactive User's Guide

Product Videos

Trail Tech Voyager Pro 03:05

The next generation of trail riding technology has arrived. We're proud to announce the Trail Tech Voyager Pro! The Connected Riders GPS! Info at

  • Trail Tech Voy...
    The next generation of trail riding technology has arrived. We...

Product Reviews

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  1. Indispensable 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Sep 2021

    This GPS helped navigate through the Daniel Boone National Forrest with ease riding my 790 Adventure. My only complaint is the instructions are kind of vague. Once I got familiar with the interface it was awesome. I could read it standing, sitting, shade, direct sunlight, you name. It's tough too, I forded plenty of 2 ft_ + water crossings and had a few spills, No issues mounted with the Vanasche aluminum mount.

  2. awsome trail computer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Aug 2020

    First I’d say definitely go through the online manual. This computer does a ton of stuff. Physically very rugged, I used the aluminum guard also. Very intuitive and easy to use, but again read the manual or you may miss out on some cool functions.

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